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Meet Chito

"Throughout my career and public service, one goal has always remained the same - to improve the lives of working families. I'm proud to be the experienced, progressive choice for District 4.

As a father of 3 and as someone who works everyday with people who are struggling to make it in Austin, I understand the need to lower the cost of housing and invest in infrastructure, schools, reliable energy, and public safety that is effective and accountable.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to earn your vote, and I’m ready to get to work to keep Austin resilient, welcoming, and weird."

Progressive Experience

  • Immigration & criminal defense attorney

  • Workers' Defense Project: as Board Chair, Chito fought for fair wages and safe working conditions for construction and farm workers.

  • City of Austin Planning Commission: as Greg Casar's appointee to the commission, Chito fought for more housing for working and middle class families.

  • Blanton Elementary PTA President


  • Austin must be a welcoming city for low- and middle-income families. Unfortunately, many of our working-class neighbors are getting priced out of their homes. Even middle-class people are struggling to buy a home in Austin. This trend cannot continue.

  • We must establish reasonably priced housing options for middle- and low-income residents, with a focus on different types of homes that are less expensive than your classic home with a large yard. Townhomes, row houses, duplexes, fourplexes and condominiums provide more flexible and less expensive housing options, especially for first-time homebuyers.


  • Austin’s beautiful parks, creeks and natural areas are an important part of our identity. Generations of Austinites have fought to preserve Barton Springs and the Edwards Aquifer. Now our generation must build on those accomplishments. The city must continue adding parks and green space, especially in the District 4 neighborhoods that lack these amenities. And we must continue to clean our creeks and rivers so we can use them as the beautiful resources they are.

  • We received a huge wake-up call in the big freeze of February 2021. Temperatures plummeted, our infrastructure failed, and hundreds died. It’s time to do our part to protect ourselves from the ravages of global warming. We must improve our city’s emergency response systems. And the Fayette coal power plant that Austin Energy owns must be shut down if we want to slow climate change.


  • 2021 has been the deadliest year ever on Austin roadways. We must build safer streets and roads for both vehicles and pedestrians. The passage and funding of the light rail proposition in November 2020 creates a huge opportunity for Austin to modernize its transportation system. We should take this chance to create corridors throughout our city that emphasize walking, biking and public transportation.

  • Electric bikes make biking much easier and allow a broader group of people to use bikes for transportation. We must continue to invest in our bike lanes and sidewalks to allow for less polluting, healthier modes of transportation.

Public Safety

  • I support Austin’s criminal justice reform efforts, such as the decriminalization of marijuana, initiatives to improve police accountability, and the addition of mental health as an option when calling 911. Effective and accountable public safety are a priority.

  • We must provide robust public safety services that are available to respond to the wide range of emergencies that our residents encounter. Our police should focus on violent and dangerous crimes. We should use other public resources first when responding to homelessness, drug abuse and people in mental health crisis.

Quality of Life

  • Austin’s open and vibrant culture is known all around the world. Austin FC and the new soccer stadium are a welcome addition to our city. We must support our local musicians, artists, venues and festivals. Additionally, our neighborhood libraries, parks and pools must be well-funded and accessible to provide equitable recreational opportunities for everyone.

Meet Chito
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